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the Chairman of the Board
At Awfa Investment, we aspire to achieve a sustainable operational model that reflects the importance of diversity and development in a professional manner, aligning with the company's strategic vision and goals. We are driven by a clear approach to create a bright future for the company and its shareholders.
As the pace of growth in our development projects continues, the company remains fully committed to managing its assets, drawing support for its ongoing progress, expansion, and profitability. These endeavors enhance the value of our shareholders, positioning them as a pivotal force for future sustainable growth. We aim to reach our desired objectives through professional means, drawing strength from our inspiring team, which is our primary source of success.
Today, we look forward to a new and distinctive phase to enhance operational performance and maintain the momentum of growth in alignment with the economic growth experienced by our beloved kingdom and in accordance with the ambitious vision of Saudi Arabia in 2030.

Abdulwahab bin Saleh Al Rajhi
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the CEO
We fully understand that investment decisions require knowledge, patience, and expertise. With our inherited experience in investment and real estate development, we aim to create opportunities with fresh perspectives and visions, guided by our values and in accordance with our clear vision and mission.
Our commitment to professionalism and credibility is the source of our trust, and through it, we strive to maintain our clients and partners, building long-term relationships with them.

Suliman Fahad Alwohaibi