About Awfa
Who We Are
Awfa Investment Company was founded in the year 2017 as a limited liability company, and in 2022, it transformed into a closed joint-stock company with a capital of 500,000,000 Saudi Riyals.
The company is committed to supporting the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 and has adopted an approach that aligns with future aspirations and goals.
Awfa Investment engages in various fields of real estate investment, investment funds, stimulating acquisitions and mergers, and building productive strategic partnerships to enhance its diversified portfolio.
Why Awfa?
Because it paves the way for a sophisticated urban environment and civilizational landmarks that manifest in the light of our ambitious Kingdom's vision towards a future that achieves sustainability and innovation for future generations.
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    Safe Investment
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    Young and Ambitious Team
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    Strategic Locations
Our Vision
Our clear vision is characterized by building the most reliable and profitable strategic partnerships.
Our Mission
We strive, with confidence and strategic partnerships, guided by a clear vision and a capable team, to achieve profitability, sustainable growth, and competitiveness in pursuit of our investment objectives.
Our Investment Activities
Awfa leverages its real estate, investment, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic partnership portfolios to enhance its diverse and constructive investments. We aim to achieve excellence, quality, sustainability, and commitment.
Our investment and development activities are also focused on supporting and enhancing operational efficiency in residential, commercial, and office community projects, in addition to ventures in hospitality, hotels, and logistics warehouses.
Our Core Pillars
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    Trustworthy and credible strategic partnerships.
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    Profitable approach and competitive professional mindset.
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    Sustainable investment diversification.
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    Achieving investment viability while mitigating risks.
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    Building an integrated governance system for effective practices.
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    An inspiring and constructive working environment.
Awfa’s Journey
The heritage of the past guides us to keep pace with the future.
The story of Awfa revolves around the legacy left by Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi - may he rest in peace - who crafted a brilliant business journey with a distinctive and unique approach. His ideas and trade shaped the primary vision of continuing the path of growth. This is what inspires us at Awfa to sustain the creation of the most profitable investment opportunities. We do this by adopting a diversified and sustainable operational model, aiming for comprehensive excellence in performance, customer care, expansion, and business diversity.
Our company draws inspiration from this legacy to expand its investment scope and enhance its presence in both the local and future global markets. We collaborate with strategic partners to build ambitious projects that aim to achieve shared success, support employment opportunities, promote investment, and enhance the economic growth of the Kingdom.